Veneers can make your smile perfect. They are a flake-thin porcelain plate, which is glued to the front surface of the tooth.

They are biologically compatible and made of highly aesthetic ceramics, perfectly imitating the structure of the natural tooth.

They are only between 0.3-0.7mm thick.

When processing the tooth to place a porcelain veneer, less volume reduction is aimed for compared to its preparation for placing a dental crown.

The preparation process for placing a veneer is less traumatic for the tooth. Filing is more gentle than filing for a crown.

Since the placement of veneers completely changes your smile, the planning process for veneers must be very precise. Patients often come with quite different ideas about "beautiful teeth" than I have myself, others say, that they don't like their smile but don't know exactly what the reason is . That's why I think ,that it is imperative that before we place the final veneers, the patient is clear about exactly what they want.

Stages in placing veneers.

  1. After we've basically discussed your color wishes , form, size , ratio etc. , we take a print. It is sent to the laboratory . There, on a plaster model of your teeth, a dental technician creates the veneers from wax.
  2. So come the next visit you see two plaster casts one with the old teeth and one with the new teeth. Now is the time to decide if you like what you see or if you want to change something.
  3. After reaching the final version, we proceed to filing, which as I mentioned is very gentle and even in most cases no anesthesia is needed.
  4. On the already filed teeth, we place the temporary veneers, which are a copy of those from the plaster model. At this stage, you can actually see how the veneers fit in your mouth , how they harmonize with your face , lips , how do you hear them . At this stage, you can most accurately assess whether something you want to change again, whether your loved ones like it.
  5. Once you decide ,that this is your dream smile you must wait a week for the final porcelain veneers to be made.


All photos are of patients treated in our practice.

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