Healthy teeth, they turn yellow over the years, being colored by various dyes - coffee, cigarettes, Red wine, pigmented foods etc.

There are two ways, with which we whiten the teeth.

  1. Professional office whitening

    With the help of the American whitening system Beyond only for thirty minutes the teeth become from 5 to 14 degrees (average 8 degrees) whiter . This is the time, for which you drink a coffee or get a new haircut.

    The new one BEYOND teeth whitening system is based on the use of a special lamp, source of a thin beam of high-intensity clear blue light - and a patented gel formula of the water-based active agent, which does not irritate the gums and does not damage tooth enamel.

    Thanks to its avant-garde BEYOND achieves excellent results in whitening as naturally colored in darker or more yellow teeth, and so on colorings, due to the use of colored liquids and foods (coffee, Red wine, tea, Coke, cherries, raspberries, etc.), smoking or use of medicinal preparations.

    There is no other system, to provide such excellent results and longevity with the same safety, comfort and short duration of the procedure.

  2. Home whitening
    An impression of your teeth, we make individual splints in which you place the whitening gel yourself . Thus, the effect is achieved in about two weeks .

Is bleaching safe??

One of the frequently asked questions is how effective whitening is on healthy teeth. After more than 20 years. observation on the effect of bleaching, as in the presence of advanced and perfectly dosed bleaching systems, today it is safe to say, that bleaching does not have any negative or destructive effect, nor on a macro, nor at the micro level, on dental tissues. Tooth enamel does not change, no demineralization occurs and no mineral substances are extracted from the teeth. Hydrogen peroxide has been used for more than 50 years. in dentistry for teeth whitening and so far no long-term negative effects have been found on them and not only that, in the ranking of cosmetic manipulations, bleaching is the safest procedure. It is even done in some cases on children to correct darkened teeth, so that their self-esteem does not suffer, especially in early puberty, when the emphasis on appearance began to play an increasingly important role.

How white will my teeth be??

This depends on the original color of your teeth, the type of coloring, their size, as well as age.

How long does the whitening effect last??

How "permanent" the whitening is depends on several factors. The main whitening effect is stable until 3-4 years, after which it is normal for the teeth to darken slightly. The only sure thing is, that the color of the teeth can never return to the original. The effect depends on many factors, mostly from the consumption of foods and drinks containing dyes, as well as from smoking tars, but also from hygiene habits and regular tooth brushing. Practice shows, that if desired after the 3rd year a "maintenance whitening" can be carried out.


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